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Retained Talent Acquisition


Hire our talent acquisition professionals to focus full-time on sourcing and recruiting candidates to fill your open requirement(s).


We will help set goals and manage a hiring timeline, design a sourcing strategy and provide reports, prepare a thorough synopsis for each candidate to present them to your leadership team, coordinate interviews, and execute due dilligance until we find the perfect candidate.


An assigned talent acquistion partner will seamlessly blend into your current environment to represent your brand or operate as Guardian Enterprises throughout a customizable public or discreet search.

Exclusive Contingency Talent Acquisition


We are hired as the only firm to work on your open direct placement requirement(s) for a predetermined period of time, and only receive 

compensation when one of our candidates is hired.


Process Management


We will design and manage your company's entire talent acquisition function including; job description & compensation support, advertising, networking, resume flow, applicant tracking, inquiries and walk-ins, pre-screening, interviewing, compensation on-boarding, and reporting.



We can manage your entire talent acquisition function or just a portion of it, including your current flow of candidate resumes, inquiries, and walk-ins. Or we can create a strategy to help you prepare for future ramp ups. 

Out-Placement Management  


We take a personal, professional and empathetic approach to coaching employees through the separation process. Our customizable program and mobile team can meet with employees on-site to review current job hunting techniques to make sure your employees are prepared to facilitate their next career move quickly.





HR Consulting 


Every company has their own distinct problems to solve and processes to make more efficient. We take a personalized approach to every client so our solutions are customized for best results.


  • Talent Acquisition Process Development & Implementation

  • On-Boarding

  • Org Structure / Job Identification

  • Division of Labor

  • Job Description Creation

  • Competitive Compensation Analysis

  • Employee Incentives and Rewards

  • Professional Training and Development 

  • Benefits Consulting

  • Marketing to Target Talent





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