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Sr Management:  (Divisional VP , Project Director, Operations Manager, Procurement, Project Development)

Management:  (Sr Project Manager, Project Manager, PM Engineer - support to PM, General Contractor, Contractor Management)

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Credit Analyst 

Finance Officer 

Financial Advisor 

Financial Analyst 


Tax Director, CFO, Controller, CPA, Staff Accountant,  AR / AP, Financial Analyst, Loan Administrator, Loan Officer, Market Analyst)

Financial Planner 

Loan Officer 

Investment Banker 

Human Resources


Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, Employee Relations, Training and Development

International Assignments
Labor Relations
Learning, Training, and Development
People Management
Recruiter – Corporate
Recruiter – Executive
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software engineers? 

software developer

jave developer

systems engineers

program manager

project manager

business analyst

business intelligence 

Information Security Analyst

IT manager

Help Desk

Wireless Data Applicaiton Development Skills

Mobile Data 

Mobile Data Congestion is Already a RealityService providers must start to off-load to other wireless technologies like WiFi immediately. They also need to create space for new applications like those used in advanced technologies like robotic surgical operation. Data off-loading, like WiFi itself, is an immediate need for all service providers worldwide.


Applications Must be the Center. Networks must be redesigned so that applications are the center of the universe. Networks must adapt and adjust traffic needs of the application such as latency, jitter and packet loss absorption to provide spontaneous and ubiquitous coverage across the world.


Data Traffic is Rising By 2015, 91 percent of internet traffic will be video, including HD and 3D video. The current internet is not designed for these needs. We have to design networks, and applications such as CDN, to be able to handle the load effectively and efficiently. Additionally, management of traffic at data centers poses another major challenge for service providers. Data center traffic will exceed five zetabytes in 2015 and 76 percent of that data will stay inside the data center. This demands brand new architectures, much different than the models developed with Layer 4-7 switch in the last decade. In addition, 50 percent of video is for downstream mobile traffic and Over-The-Top (OTT) players like Netflix who make their revenue on the backs of companies like ATT, Verizon and others. These OTT players will command 35 percent of US peak downstream traffic.

Rising Data, Declining RevenueThis trend, already visible, will continue — and accelerate — in 2014 and 2015. Today data revenue and traffic are disassociated in a data-dominant world. Revenues are beginning to plateau so CXOs must be ready to help CEOs create innovative ways to take revenue away from OTT players starting now.

Cloud Computing Will PlateauCloud computing implementation will plateau by 2015. Technologies such as quantum computing will take their place at the center of our universe for decades to come, and the traditional Moore’s law computing model will be replaced. For example, in 1940, computers processed one CPS (cycle per second) every 150 seconds. As computing has improved, we moved up to common PCs like the IBM PS/2, which ran at 250 CPS. When the Cray computer was needed for massive processing, it had only 86 million CPS. By 2015, early quantum computers will handle 38 TCPS, and we will be able to see to the edge of the universe with massive computing at 14B light years away with computers that can handle 8.6 Quadrillion CPS. Computing will finally surpass Moore’s law.For you techies: Quadrillion means 10 to the power of 15 CPS performed every second. This number, which blows people’s minds, has profound implications for cloud and other technology. Services will develop that are so massive it is hard to even imagine them. If they are not careful, quantum computing will create real headaches for service providers by 2015.

Knowledge Mining Rules!Knowledge mining will replace all data mining and information mining; this will have a huge impact on data retention and compression across the entire enterprise.

The Advent of LTE-ALTE-A will finally become reality, with peak speeds of up to 1 Gbps+; LTE-A will compete with FTTH technologies.

New Radio DevelopmentsNew Wireless RAN technologies will use cognitive radios; small sites and femto cells will be history like other technologies.

New Technologies to watch for in 2015:




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SVP, VP, Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Specialist



SVP, VP, Sales Manager, Business Development, Outside Sales, Inside Sales



Operations Management, Supervisor, Director, Project Manager, Manager

Research and Development

Manager, Biostatistics - Req 17170 


Senior Biostatistician

Clinical Biostatistician 

Lead Biostatistician


(R&D) Scientist- Product Development 


Director of R&D 

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Market Research Analyst


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Research Scientist 


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