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Build a relationship with a dedicated career agent to find an opportunity, explore career strategies, update your portfolio, or prepare for a future search.

Career Agent Service

If you are ready for a career transition, Guardian is prepared to represent you in the search for a great opportunity. Our career agents will take a personalized and customizable approach to finding opportunities that fit within the mission, requirements, and strategy of your career plan.

Whether you are discreetly, passively, or actively seeking a new opportunity, or need counsel about promotions or compensation, or career positioning, we will be in your corner during every phase.

Your career agent will help you build a strategy and be a resource for all your employment concerns.

  • Career Advisory

  • Strategic Career Planning

  • Opportunity Scouting

  • Career Placement

  • General Consulting

  • Dream Job Analysis / G5 Fit Assessment

  • Research & Targeting

  • Marketing & Promotion: Overt or Discreet

  • Networking Analysis & Support

  • Interview Coaching

  • Contract Negotiation Support



Portfolio Development


  • Portfolio Assessment

  • Personal and Professional Brand Analysis

  • New Resume Creation

  • New Info-Graphic Resume Creation

  • Resume Rebuilds

  • Personal Logo Design

  • Professional Brand Development

  • Personal Career Website Design




At Guardian, we take a revolutionary approach to servicing talented professionals. We've developed a vision that is focused on building strong relationships that go beyond the immediate need to fill a job opening for an employer. 


We are the first firm to take experiences and a successful business model from the sports, entertainment, and fashion industries and translate it to the professional services world.


Our career agents represent an exclusive roster of top talent within each of our career functions of expertiseOur agents support talent in all career phases by collaboratively designing and executing strategies to acheive life long professional and financial goals.


In such a competitive employment environment, it is comforting to know that an expert is helping to facilitate your career goals.



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