Guardian’s Red Lion


The Red Lion represents passion, strength, courage, pride, loyalty, and protection. It is our goal to embody these characteristics every day in our actions with clients, talent, and business partners. It takes these and much more to pursue life and career dreams, persevere through challenges, and earn the rewards of success.







With over 15 years of engaging, eye opening, and successful experiences in talent acquisition, management, and development services, our core leadership group aligned battle tested processes, best practices, and a sound philosophy for interacting with clients and talent under the brand Guardian. 


We love what we do for a living and find joy in seeing our candidates and companies succeed. 






Our proprietary G5 Fit Process is a compilation of the best strategies, ideas, processes, and food for thought to help talented individuals and great employers find each other. Our processes serve as a guide to hiring directors, mangers, executives, coaches, or owners to dial in on the type of person and skills sets that will be a fit for their needs.


We believe in personal attention, truly listening, being honest and upfront, managing expectations, and providing a positive experience for our clients en route to a successful career, project, or venture. When you connect with us, you’re not reaching out to call center, you talk to a person who is actually interested in learning about your career experiences and your goals to learn if we are a good match personally and professionally.


At Guardian we integrate industry specific best practices and processes to efficiently execute client needs. These enterprise capabilities, when combined with our dynamic expert staff, make Guardian unparalleled in terms of reach, depth, and diversity.






Meet Justin Favero, Founder | Professional Recruiter | Career Agent


At Guardian, you will work directly withour experienced leadership

to provide you with the highest level of expertise and customer service.


"Working with committed employers and talented professionals is 

my passion, expertise, and livelihood. 


It is my honor and privilege to serve you. 


Connect with me anytime to get started."  |  






Our team is diverse, agile, and committed because we know how frustrating it can be finding the right talent or navigating career choices. We excel in career advisory, career management, recruiting, marketing, contracts, recruiting, business ethics and development, having worked in this arena for nearly two decades.


We are passionate about connecting with people on a deeper level, and developing long term relationships, strategies for development, talent acquisition, and retention, to help companies succeed and individuals lead a fulfilling life.




The Bottom Line


Our company is lean. Like 6% body fat lean. Our business model carries less overhead and that translates into cost savings for our clients and greater opportunities for our talent. 






Guardian Enterprises is a professional recruting firm. We are a leader in providing quality talent acquistion, executive search, and talent management solutions across a range of industries. We have over a decade of experience servicing clients and their supporting partners.


We are a world-class organization equipped to handle complex solutions with the highest level of customer service.

Our extensive client list includes companies and individuals in our industries of expertise






Our mission is to discover, develop, and protect talent through every challenge and achievement, while demonstrating value as a business partner through execution of recruiting, management, and marketing services for talented companies and individuals that mirror Guardian’s passion, skill, and ambition to succeed.






Your dream. Your vision. Our reality.




Core Values


  • Commitment to provide prompt and quality delivery of services

  • Consistent communication and accessibility

  • Respect and gratitude to our clients, talent, and partners

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Hard work and relentless will to execute and perform

  • Have fun, be creative and value our freedom and agility as a company and way of life




People and Relationships


Our success depends on the people we entrust and the relationships we earn and develop. It is our commitment to build and maintain a loyal family culture and to be there to support our clients, partners, and talent, big or small, every step of the the way.



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